CFCE Re-certification

IACIS requires each CFCE certificant to satisfactorily recertify every three years. The proficiency test is one element of the recertification process, which must be completed in the third year from the initial date of certification or last successful recertification. The proficiency test (an objective assessment based on a forensic examination of digital media coupled with test questions) is solely based on the current CFCE Core Competencies .

As of August 1st 2017 we no longer use Moodle online testing.  Our new testing site, Totara features single sign on utilizing your credentials.



The Application Periods are:

  • Cycle-1: March 1, through March 31 23:59 (GMT)
  • Cycle-2: August 1, through August 31 23:59 (GMT)

The Proficiency Testing periods are:

  • Cycle-1:  April 1, through June 30 23:59 (GMT)
  • Cycle-2:  September 1, through November 30 23:59 (GMT)

Each IACIS CFCE certificant must recertify in the third year following their original certification or last recertification date.  By December 31st of the third year, 23:59 (GMT), the certificant must satisfy the recertification requirements as listed below.  Each certificant must recertify every three years as outlined in the IACIS Certification Policy.

To test in either cycle your application must be submitted and approved during the Application Periods listed above.
Applications will not be accepted during the testing phase.

To aid in the recertification process, a Recertification checklist has been created to allow members to verify they meet the requirements necessary for recertification and explain in detail each requirement and the appropriate mechanisms to satisfy them.

If you have questions about the process or requirements please email:

If you have test specific questions (about actual test content) email


Re-certification requirements

  1. One proficiency test must be successfully completed in the third year following initial certification or recertification.  The test only counts when taken in the final year of certification period.
  2. Previous three years dues paid (if IACIS member), Recertification Fee* paid (if non-Member or delinquent in any previous dues year).
  3. Sixty (60) hours of continuing education in the field of computer/digital forensics, information technology, or investigations.
    • Only classes where attendance is documented and certificates issued will be accepted.  No webinars or other undocumented training can be submitted. Certificants must provide copies of completed courses, training certificates, or other documentation to the Recertification Subcommittee when the application for recertification is submitted.
    • Certificants who teach related topics in computer/digital forensics,information technology, or investigations may apply formal classroom hours to this requirement.  The Recertification Committee reserves the right to verify training documented by a certificant.
  4. Certificants must demonstrate that they are working in the field of computer/digital forensics accomplishing one of the following:
    • Completing at least three (3) computer/digital forensic examinations.
    • Supervising or managing a related function
    • Completing three (3) IACIS proficiency tests within three years.
  5. Certificants must read and agree to uphold the current IACIS Ethical Code of Conduct.
  6. Certificants must complete and submit a Recertification Application by the 2nd Cycle in the third year. 23:59 (UTC) following the initial certification or recertification.  Submission of 60 hours of continuing education is accepted until December 31st, 23:59 (UTC), you may submit your application to test during either cycle if you are short training hours.

*EFFECTIVE 1/1/2016

If you have not been a dues paying member at any time during your three year certification period, a fee of $150 must be paid to recertify.  A requirement of Recertification is having paid dues for the three years your CFCE was valid.  Non-Members may continue to recertify but must pay a fee of $150.