Proficiency Testing

CFCE Proficiency Testing​

The IACIS Recertification Subcommittee offers two Proficiency testing periods annually.  To apply for a proficiency test, please refer to the Recertification page and complete the recertification application checking the “Proficiency test only” portion. Proficiency tests are offered for two primary purposes. 

  • CFCE certificants are required to take a proficiency test in order to satisfy CFCE recertification requirements in the third year from initial certification or last recertification. 
  • Certificants may take a proficiency test to satisfy accreditation, professional certification, or organizational requirements required by their employer or laboratory.  Many laboratories and organizations require their personnel to demonstrate proficiency on a regular basis.  Although this is a free service offered to IACIS members, non-members that wish to participate will be assessed a fee in accordance with the established fee schedule

Proficiency tests are based on a set of approved CFCE core competencies​.  The proficiency examinations are comprised of practical skills and demonstrated knowledge points.  Therefore, certificants may be required to perform an actual forensic examination on a forensic image file and answer questions regarding their examination findings.

Proficiency tests are only available to current CFCE certificants.  Certificants are allowed 90 days to complete the test and must attain a minimum score of 80% to pass.  Certificants wishing to take the proficiency test as part of their recertification may only do so within their third year of certification.  For example, if you received your original CFCE in 2012 or last recertified in 2012 then you must take a recertification proficiency test in 2015.

Prior to offering the proficiency test, an email will be sent via the listserv announcing the opening date of the proficiency test.  The announcement will also contain instructions regarding registration procedures and how to begin the process.  Once you have completed the test, you will be provided instructions regarding how to submit your test.

The proficiency testing periods are:

  • Cycle-1:   April 1 through June 30
  • Cycle2:   September 1 through November 30