Jason Jordaan – East London, South Africa

Volunteer since 2012 in the areas of Training, Certification, and R&D

When Jason started out in digital forensics, he felt that he was operating alone with no support.  It was only by reaching out to other digital forensic practitioners around the globe that he began to feel a part of a community in a growing and exciting new field. During those early days, Jason found IACIS and joined as a member, but it was years before he could afford to travel to America to attend BCFE training.

It was at BCFE where Jason started putting faces to names that he recognized from the listserv and began making amazing friends from around the world. Every single instructor and coach he encountered was so passionate about digital forensics and genuinely cared about his learning and self-development. Jason made a commitment to give back as soon as he was certified.

Many people that go through the BCFE program are in law enforcement, and as a former law enforcement officer, Jason’s blood still runs blue.  Volunteering for IACIS allows him to give back to his brothers and sisters around the world.  He believes, “Once a cop, always a cop.”  Jason is currently the Principal Forensic Analyst at DFIRLABS and a Certified Instructor in the DFIR faculty of the SANS Institute.

Despite being a self-proclaimed nerd and a lover of Star Wars, Star Trek and Harry Potter, Jason has been an active martial arts practitioner since a kid, loves competitive paintball, and still plays field hockey rather seriously.  Three things Jason avoids: 1) tequila; 2) most veggies; and 3) football/soccer.