Volunteers are the backbone of IACIS. Every Training event and Certification that IACIS offers is developed, maintained and run by volunteers. Without our volunteers we would be unable to offer the world class training and certifications we are known for.

Are you interested in volunteering? We are currently developing an online volunteer application, however you can always email volunteering@iacis.com at any time to volunteer.

Rewarding our Volunteers
As an IACIS volunteer you will be at the forefront of our world class training and certifications. From coaching candidates undertaking their CFCE Certification to developing blocks of instruction for our BCFE training event, you will gain knowledge and experience while giving back to the forensic community.
IACIS also rewards our volunteers in a number of ways. IACIS volunteers have received leading forensic software and hardware, free attendance at IACIS training classes, waived member dues and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours towards their recertification requirements. CFCE Peer Review Coaches receive 10 CPE credit hours per problem coached. Coaching one student in one cycle can provide the full 40 CPE hours required for CFCE recertification.

Volunteer Positions:
Below are just a few of the positions open to IACIS volunteers. Some positions require the volunteer hold the CFCE certification.

Peer Review Coach
Guide and assist candidates through the CFCE Peer Review phase. This is one of our most rewarding positions. Coaches work one on one with candidates as they undertake the CFCE Certification. Candidates range from experienced examiners to those new to the forensics field.

Problem Development
This position creates and maintains the problem set utilized in IACIS certification and recertification exams. From developing general knowledge questions to full forensic image sets, you will assist in keeping the IACIS certifications on the current edge of forensic methodologies.

IACIS Trainer
Are you a skilled public speaker? Can you explain complex forensic topics in an understandable and relatable way? IACIS provides training all over the world, requiring training staff located all over the world.