Humans of IACIS


Each IACIS volunteer is an individual with a unique background that helps make the organization a diverse and interesting community.  Find out more about what makes each of them special and what motivates them to give back to IACIS by clicking on the profiles below!

Humans of IACISHumans of IACIS
Anna Truss – Seattle, WA, USAAnna Truss – Seattle, WA, USA
Jason Jordaan – East London, South AfricaJason Jordaan – East London, South Africa
Kathleen Shane – San Diego, CA, USAKathleen Shane – San Diego, CA, USA
Mark Johnson – Kansas City, Missouri, USAMark Johnson – Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Darren Freestone – Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaDarren Freestone – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Kaylin Malutich – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAKaylin Malutich – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Mario Merendon – Texas, USAMario Merendon – Texas, USA
David Haddad – Phoenix, Arizona, USADavid Haddad – Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Stephen Villere – New Orleans, LA, USAStephen Villere – New Orleans, LA, USA
Vince and Laura Olman – Virginia, USAVince and Laura Olman – Virginia, USA
Farand Wasiak – South Carolina, USAFarand Wasiak – South Carolina, USA
Gene Shantz – Arizona, USAGene Shantz – Arizona, USA
Felicia - Maryland, USAFelicia - Maryland, USA
Rich Johnson – Ohio, USARich Johnson – Ohio, USA
Jasun Hawkins – Michigan, USAJasun Hawkins – Michigan, USA
Edith Santos – Texas, USAEdith Santos – Texas, USA
Dan Purcell - Florida, USA Dan Purcell - Florida, USA
Zach Neemann – Bend, OR, USAZach Neemann – Bend, OR, USA
Denise Duffy – Mississippi, USADenise Duffy – Mississippi, USA
Dana – British Columbia, CanadaDana – British Columbia, Canada
Sherry Torres – Florida, USASherry Torres – Florida, USA
Bart Sims – Oklahoma, USABart Sims – Oklahoma, USA
Steve Whalen – Delaware, USASteve Whalen – Delaware, USA
Craig Macfarlane - ScotlandCraig Macfarlane - Scotland
Eddie Gereke – The NetherlandsEddie Gereke – The Netherlands
Cemil – GermanyCemil – Germany
Bart Ooms - BelgiumBart Ooms - Belgium
Doug Elrick – Iowa, USADoug Elrick – Iowa, USA
Rob Blader - Virginia, USARob Blader - Virginia, USA
Sonny Hanspal - United KingdomSonny Hanspal - United Kingdom
Bruce Ellis - New ZealandBruce Ellis - New Zealand
Jung Son – Auckland, New ZealandJung Son – Auckland, New Zealand
Rob Attoe - West Virginia, USARob Attoe - West Virginia, USA
Thomas Reinert – GermanyThomas Reinert – Germany
Debbie Plamondon - Virginia, USADebbie Plamondon - Virginia, USA
Brent Whale – Auckland, New ZealandBrent Whale – Auckland, New Zealand

Volunteers are the backbone of IACIS. Every Training event and Certification that IACIS offers is developed, maintained and run by volunteers. Without our volunteers we would be unable to offer the world class training and certifications we are known for.

Are you interested in volunteering? We are currently developing an online volunteer application, however you can always email at any time to volunteer.