One of the core policies within the IACIS organization is the ethics policy. Our organization was founded on the principles of honesty and integrity, and they continue to be the solid pillars of IACIS, even today. Members must adhere to those principles as they move through the certification and re-certification processes. Did you know that violations of the ethics policy are mostly in the form of cheating on the certification tests? These violations are few, and far between thankfully; however they do happen, and when they do it’s a blow to the organization and the individuals that work so hard to promote and maintain the integrity of IACIS.

If you haven’t read the ethics policy, or want to become more familiar with it, click here. It is incumbent on our members to report any violations of the ethics policy to the Director of Ethics. Specifically, complaints can be reported to the email address These reports can be anonymous.

All of our law enforcement and civilian members should strive for perfection while engaged in the IACIS certification and re-certification processes, and to maintain their high level of professionalism while a member of IACIS. The strength and growth of our organization depends on it.