The IACIS Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) certification program is accredited by the Forensic Specialities Accreditation Board (FSAB), fulfilling all the requirements of FSAB Standards Version 2019 and ISO Standard 17024.

IACIS first attained FSAB accreditation for its CFCE program in 2012 for a duration of 5 years.
Accreditation was renewed by FSAB in 2017 after a successful assessment.

For the 2022 re-accreditation, FSAB made a significant change in their accrediting requirements, aligning themselves with the international standard ISO/IEC 17024:2012 as well as having their own supplemental requirements. While the assessment process was significantly more intensive, the new requirements provided higher standards for impartiality, confidentiality, and an emphasis on the constant improvement of the certification program. The CFCE program’s accreditation is now extended until 2027.

The CFCE is the first, and currently the only accredited certification program for the digital forensic discipline, giving IACIS an elevated credential for their CFCE program along with international recognition.  IACIS is very proud of this achievement.

Preparing for accreditation and the accreditation process itself is a major undertaking for IACIS and is driven by the Accreditation Sub-Committee of the Standards Committee.  To comply with the rigorous FSAB requirements, many tasks are undertaken including but not limited to annual audits of IACIS policies & certification procedures, solicitation of both applicant and membership feedback and review by management of all aspects of the CFCE program. This is a mechanism designed to ensure that IACIS maintains ongoing excellence in the CFCE program.

In addition to the CFCE, IACIS currently offers two additional certification programs, namely the Certified Advanced Windows Forensic Examiner (CAWFE) and the IACIS Certified Mobile Device Examiner (ICMDE).  These programs are not FSAB accredited today.  It is however a goal for IACIS to attain accreditation for these programs in future years.

The IACIS Board of Directors wish to highlight the talents of the Accreditation Sub-Committee and other contributors, along with their hard work and dedication to IACIS in attaining accreditation for the CFCE program in 2012 and in attaining re-accreditation thereafter.