Expired CFCE Recertification


IACIS requires each CFCE certificant to satisfactorily recertify every three years. If the certificant fails to recertify during the third year from the date of initial certification or last recertification, the certificant’s certification will be classified as expired. If the CFCE certification is expired less than three calendar years from the date of the original expiration, the expired CFCE candidate may complete the CFCE Certification Phase to reobtain their CFCE certification. The Certification Phase is an independent exercise wherein the candidate must complete a practical exercise and written final examination which is based on the current CFCE Core Competencies .

For example, a member whose CFCE expired December 31st, 2020 would be allowed to re-earn their CFCE up to the year 2023. After 2023 the member would be required to complete the entire CFCE Certification process either through attendance at a BCFE event or as an External Candidate.

All qualified members should register via their member profiles, by clicking the Recert Now button contained in their profile. Click here to access your profile.

The Recertification Period is open from February 1st through December 31st of every year. Registration will close on December 15th.

The entire Expired Recertification Application is completed online.
When you are ready to Recertify you must initiate the process via your member profile.
You must have your 72 hours of continuing education credits in the previous three years prior to attempting to recertify. You may not attempt the Recertification Exercise until you have completed your 72 hours of continuing education credits and submitted a complete application.

The registration for each Expired CFCE Recertification Cycle will open for purchase on or about February 1st of each year. The Expired CFCE Recertification Cycles will subsequently run from February 1st to December 31st each year. Once the candidate is approved to start the CFCE exercises they must start the examination process within seven (7) days upon being notified of their start date by the Director of Certification or his/her designee. Failure to start the exercises within the specified timeframe will cause the candidate to be removed from the process and he/she will forfeit any fees paid. The candidate will be required to complete and pass all components of the current Certification Phase. The candidate must complete the Certification Phase within the timeframe allotted for that phase. Failure to do so will cause the candidate to be removed from the process and he/she will forfeit any fees paid.

The details of this are outlined in the IACIS Certification Policy.

If you have questions about the process or requirements please email: CertAdmin
If you have exercise specific questions (about actual test content) email: CFCE Certification


All requirements must be met at the time of application to recertify.
1. The CFCE certification must be expired less than three calendar years from the date of the original expiration.
2. The candidate must have 72 hours of computer forensics training in the previous three years, prior to the date of application that matches the current IACIS core competencies.
3. The candidate must affirm to uphold the IACIS Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct at the time of application.
4. Certification candidates whose CFCE certification expired may attempt to regain the certification upon approval and pay the “expired certification fee(s)” as set forth by the Director of Certification.
5. A candidate whose CFCE certification expired less than three calendar years from the date of the original expiration may take the Certification Phase with the same expectations as other candidates going through the process.

Expired CFCE Recertification costs: $350

Log in to your IACIS account and see your recertification options.