External CFCE

External Certified Forensic Computer Examiner Program

For those wishing to attempt the CFCE without attendance at the BCFE training, we offer an External Certification process. The External CFCE process is offered twice a year, in March and September.  The external process provides you the same testing experience as BCFE attendants.

The registration for External CFCE will open for purchase on or about June 1st (for the September cycle) and December 1st (for the March cycle) of each year.

***** As of 2024, External CFCE candidates are not provided the BCFE training manual.  They will receive a comprehensive study guide. *****

The cost for the external certification is currently $750.00 US.
The cost includes a comprehensive study guide.

Prerequisites:  Candidates must show proof of 72 hours of computer forensics training equivalent to the BCFE core competencies.  Candidates may be required to show proof in the form of a training certificate.

To enter the external CFCE program, return to our website during the open periods to purchase the CFCE Certification only.

The option to purchase the External CFCE will only be available during the open periods, listed under Purchase Products.