Membership Overview

Benefits of being an IACIS Member

IACIS is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide forensic computer training as well as facilitate a network of computer forensic professionals with varying levels of expertise. There are two levels of membership in the organization, Regular and Associate.  To be eligible for Regular membership, applicants must be a current full-time or former full-time law enforcement or government employee, or a current full-time contractor for a government agency. Regular members have access to training, certification, an active listserv and forensic research.  Associate membership is available to current or aspiring members of the computer/digital forensics community that are able to pass a background check.  Associate members have the same access to the benefits as Regular members with the exception that Regular members can vote and hold organizational offices.  Proof of status will be verified upon application for membership.

  • Direct access to experts
    Access to a broad community of professional peers via a listserv
  • One terabyte of cloud storage with your 0365 account
  • It’s easy to start the certification process
    The Basic Computer Forensic Examiner training course uniquely prepares students for entry into the Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) Program
  • Maintaining your certification
    Members receive FREE annual certification proficiency tests and recertification exams every three years.
  • Train with the experts
    Members enrolled in the CFCE Program receive one-on-one peer-review training to help prepare for CFCE Certification Exam

Who can become a member?

Regular Member
  • Full-time Law Enforcement or Government Employees (Must provide valid email address)
  • Former Full-time Law Enforcement or Government Employees (Must provide proof of former government employment)
  • Forensic contractors to a Government Agency (Must provide proof or valid email address)
Associate Member
  • Computer Forensic Practitioners
Student Member
  • Full-time Students enrolled in Accredited School

Code of Ethics

IACIS members must demonstrate and maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.

IACIS members must:

  • Maintain the highest level of objectivity in all forensic examinations and accurately present the facts involved.
  • Thoroughly examine and analyze the evidence in a case.
  • Conduct examinations based upon established, validated principles.
  • Render opinions having a basis that is demonstratively reasonable.
  • Not withhold any findings, whether inculpatory or exculpatory, that would cause the facts of a case to be misrepresented or distorted.
  • Never misrepresent credentials, education, training, and experience or membership status.
Membership Fees: 


Regular Member 
Initial Fee $100
Annual Renewal Fee $75


Associate Member
Initial Fee $150
Annual Renewal Fee $75


FullTime Students (Qualified Associate Members)
Initial Fee $100
Annual Renewal Fee $75