Darknet Investigations for Law Enforcement

This is a Spyder Forensics class. The content of this unique course not offered anywhere else. The course material is supported by real world examples and incidents. This is not a general lecture course. This course will provide the student with the understanding of how to accomplish effective investigation of Darknet sites and users. The course will allow Law enforcement to step up their investigative skills to meet the new challenges offered by the anonymity of the Darknet.
The course will be a presentation and demonstration of the techniques. Students are encouraged to follow along during the course on the own laptop or computing devices. The course is strictly restricted to Government and police as it contains new and innovative methodology and techniques.

STRICTLY Law enforcement, Government, Armed forces and Police ONLY

This course is designed for government and police investigators, to understand where to start their Darknet investigations and how to operate in this new environment. Investigators engaged in online investigations of any kind and those using open source (OSINT) analytics, will benefit greatly from this course. Crime analysts, National security investigators, crimes against children investigators, drug investigators will especially benefit. This is an advanced level course presented from an investigators point of view. Those with a non-technical background will also benefit from the material presented. This is not a general lecture course and is for experienced investigators to learn advanced topics.

The course material:
Is supported by real world examples and incidents.
Provides the student with the understanding of how to apply effective investigative techniques to real world cases.
Demonstrates the threat the Darknet poses and the investigative techniques to expose criminals in this space.
Allow investigators increase their skills to meet the new challenges offered by Internet investigations the anonymity of the Darknet.

Session Description

The course will cover the following topics and more:

The instructional material and course exercises are presented from an investigators point of view. Those attending with a limited technical background will benefit from the step-by-step material and guides used in the course.
This course contains new and innovative law enforcement specific methodologies and techniques.

The Darknet/Dark Web, what it is and what it is not
Understanding what the Darknet really is can be a challenge. The technology behind the Darknet is not a single program or location. This session will explore what the Darknet is and how it differs from the Deep web.

To Tor or not to Tor
Setting up and using Tor may in itself be easy but finding what you want on the Tor network can be a challenge. This session will look at the Tor network how it works and methods for using it during an investigation.

Cryptocurrency and its use in the Darknet
New to investigations involving bitcoin? Need to understand how to track the funds through various cryptocurrencies? How do wallets work and is there any evidence I can use when I find one? This session will provide you with the ability to understand and deal with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies during you investigations.
Going Undercover on the Darknet
Darknet investigations require the use of a persona like any other investigation. It also requires that you understand the equipment you are using, and practice online officer safety techniques specialized for online/Darknet investigations. This session will look at the requirements and investigator have, equipment and persona background specializing in Darknet investigations.
Exploring the other Darknets
This block looks at some of the other Darknet tools available on the Internet, how to access them and how to find evidence of criminal activity.
Technology and techniques to locate a suspect on the Darknet
Anonymous networks are intentionally designed to hide users. Are there legally available methods which we can implement to identify anonymous users on the Internet? The answer is definitely yes. The attendees will learn techniques to locate targets online through the use of various code. The attendees will actually build tools to assist in an investigation. The potential legal issues when implementing these techniques will also be discussed.
Meta data use on the Internet in Images and documents
This block exposes the investigator to the use of Meta Data in files. How tracking duplicates, the sources uploading, revealing Exif data in images and other identifiers used to establish device location, source, and tracking. How Hashing and searching can identify additional actionable intelligence or investigative leads.
Darkweb legend building
Non attributable SN profile and legend building, tradecraft, and good digital hygiene around this area.

Students will receive
• Electronic copy of the course material.
• Step-by-step instructions for all exercises.
• Handouts and cheat-sheets used for quick reference
• Course Thumb drive with associated software and resource material.

WHEN: May 2 – May 6, 2022

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