Debbie Plamondon – Virginia, USA

IACIS Bookkeeper since 2006

Over the past 14 years, Debbie’s position as a bookkeeper for IACIS has evolved beyond working with our Treasurer.  She has assisted in testing the IACIS website for e-Services and setting up classes for the Director of Training.  She shares her vast skillset in bookkeeping with other endeavors, including working for a farm, property management, and in real estate.

Despite her busy professional life, she remains dedicated to her career at IACIS.  She enjoys interacting with the Directors and members of the organization.  She admires and respects each and every volunteer, appreciating their hard work, integrity, and what they bring to the organization.  She is proud to say that she is a part of IACIS.

To decompress after a busy day, Debbie takes peaceful walks with her beagle-whippet mix and a neighbor’s lassie dog along the gravel roads on the Virginia mountain she calls home.  Spending time with family and friends are important to her, and Debbie’s spirit for community has inspired them as well.  Debbie’s daughter, Trina, also works for IACIS in Certification.  Debbie also started a community garden with her neighbors, who like to make home-cooked meals for Debbie to widen her culinary palate.  Debbie is not afraid to admit that she is often found eating Lucky Charms in the morning and Frosted Mini Wheats at night for dinner.

Debbie Plamondon - Virginia, USADebbie Plamondon - Virginia, USA
Debbie Plamondon - Virginia, USADebbie Plamondon - Virginia, USA