Ed Savage

Ed has served for over twenty-eight years as a sworn law enforcement officer. He is a graduate of three separate law enforcement training academies in two different states as well as the public safety leadership institute and the police executive leadership academy. Ed holds both state and nationally recognized instructor certifications in various law enforcement disciplines and has spent time providing training and personnel development as both an academy instructor and agency training commander. In addition to spending time in the training division, Ed has spent time in various ranks and divisions including patrol, investigations, and administration. Throughout most of his career, Ed has had the opportunity to serve as a member of local, state and federal task forces where he received advanced training in digital forensics and incident response, network intrusion investigations, deep/dark web intelligence, open-source intelligence and active threat hunting processes. He has been called upon to instruct and assist other agencies with investigations concerning cybercrimes, digital device forensics, network level intrusion and response operations, child exploitation, human trafficking as well as various other cyber related criminal investigations. Ed retired from full-time law enforcement service at the rank of Captain in 2018, serving as the commanding officer of a multi-agency cyber intelligence and data forensics unit. He continues to serve as an active law enforcement officer on a part time basis as a cybercrime’s investigator, specializing in digital forensics and open-source intelligence. Since his retirement, Ed currently works fulltime in the emerging technologies division of a network integration and services company where he focuses on cybersecurity and secure wired and wireless network integration and deployment across the government, education and medical sectors.