Sandra Osborne


Sandy began her law enforcement in 1984 as a file clerk in the Orlando, Florida Prosecutor’s office. In the six years she worked there, she served as the Intake Division file clerk and then as one of three Intake assistants to the prosecutor assigned to that division. It was there that she learned how to investigate allegations and prepare the cases for trial. In 1986, while serving as the agency’s first law librarian, she worked on the United States’ first successful human DNA prosecution (1986). ​

In 1990 she began riding with deputies to get some “street smarts” and to get a feel for a day in the life of a cop. Later that year she attended the J.C. Stone Police Academy and was hired by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office immediately after graduation.

During her 23 years at the Sheriff’s Office, Sandy has held many positions. It was during her first 3 years in patrol that she developed a knack for detailed investigations and the forensic sciences.

In 1995, Sandy joined the Crime Scene Investigations Squad where she remained for 5 years. Her tenure with the CSI Squad prepared her to later become a digital forensics examiner, to manage a large case load, to write extremely detailed reports, and to testify as both a lay witness and an expert in scientific matters.

Sandy attended the IACIS Basic class in 2006 and became a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner in 2007. Since that time she has served as a volunteer with IACIS.

Sandy earned an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration, a graduate certificate, and a Bachelor in Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (emphasis on Business Admin) from Columbia College. Sandy is currently enrolled in the Masters in Digital Forensics Program at the University of Central Florida, where she hopes to graduate in summer 2014.