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IACIS is dedicated to the training and certification of the digital forensics community in support of its membership. 


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​IACIS is proud to annouce the Will Docken Scholarship to provide BCFE training to a member of a qualified Law Enforcement Agency. 

 Click here for more information​

5Will Docken Scholarship



The Forensic Specialties Accreditation Board (FSAB) is an independent board established to accredit professional bodies that certify forensic scientists and other forensic specialties. 

Item Description

​The BCFE course is a two week basic course that will help to prepare students for the certification process to obtain their CFCE.​


​This is a two week course focusing on network forensics and incident response.


​This specialized course is a one week course, offer in both weeks of the training event, that focuses on Windows artifacts and is a preparation course for the CAWFE certification program.  


​This is a one week course designed to help the student create an accredited forensic lab.


​​A one week course focusing on the forensic techniques and device aquisition Offered both weeks of the training event in Orlando

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​I would like to take this opportunity to thank my peer review mentor and all the IACIS volunteers selflessly giving their time to IACIS and the members-at-large.

Roy Cheok, Australian Federal Police
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I will thank you for the fantastic BFCE-course in Opatija, Croatia.
I am working for over 10 years in the forensic computer field but learned a lot in the course.
You have a wonderful organization, professional instructors and road-coaches.
I look forward to become a CFCE-member.​

Jan van der Does, Netherlands​

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Just a few lines to let you know that, once again, you and all your team "just rocked".

Not only did I see it myself but also in a lot of discussions with other students it became clear that you and the whole of your team not only showed the highest possible degree of professionalism combined with an outstanding knowledge but also showed a degree of enthusiasm and dedication to the job which somehow became rare in these times.

No question remained unanswered, never anybody lost patience in explaining things which are "soo basic" for you guys.

I was just impressed again so a BIG THANK YOU, to you and all the team.​

​Andreas Herborn​

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In 1992 Jim retired as a Chief Warrant Officer from the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command after twenty years of service. During his tenure with the US Army, Jim served in a myriad of leadership positions such as Special Agent in Charge and Chief of numerous General Crimes, Drug Suppression and Economic Crimes teams. In 1992 Jim joined the Thurston County Judiciary in Olympia, Washington where he designed and implemented a Pre-Trial Services Program. In 1994 Jim joined the Washington State Gambling Commission, where he currently serves as a Senior Special Agent assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Unit. During Jim’s tenure with the Washington State Gambling Commission, he has served in many diverse roles which included the development of the agency’s computer and cell phone forensic program. Jim serves as the lead member of the federal Internet Gambling Task Force (IGTF) for the Eastern District of Washington and provides training, technical and forensic support to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force for the Eastern District of Washington. Jim is a graduate of the University of New York where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree.

For the past nine years Jim has demonstrated a strong commitment to IACIS in a variety of roles. In April 2004, he attended the IACIS Basic Computer Forensics Course, earning the Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) certification in July 2005. In addition to the CFCE certification, Jim holds the CEECS, SCERS, DFCP, CBCE and CFE certifications. Since 2005, Jim has served in various positions within the IACIS Certification Committee, developing, implementing, and leading numerous projects that positively impacted the CFCE process. For example, from 2006 through 2010, Jim served as a CFCE coach, mentoring candidates through the CFCE process to earn their CFCE certification. In 2007 he joined the Research and Development Team and assisted with the restructuring of the organizational file transfer sites to enhance information storage and dissemination. Between 2007 and 2010, Jim served as Chairman of the Problem Development Committee, overseeing the development, implementation and administration of the various problem sets used in certification, re-certification and advanced training. During his tenure, he co-developed and implemented an entirely new hard disk drive problem still being used in the certification phase of the CFCE process. In 2010, Jim accepted the position of CFCE Certification Chairman and was instrumental in the development, implementation and oversight of the certification phase of the newly-formed CFCE process. In 2011 Jim was elected to the IACIS Board of Directors where he has served as the Director of Certification, Vice President and currently serves as the President.

Over the past seven years, Jim has served both as a coach and instructor at the annual training events in Orlando, Europe and Australia, presenting basic and specialized instruction in a variety of areas. During this time Jim has contributed significantly to the training materials and presentations for the Training Committee.

jim.dibble@iacis.comBoard Member, Featured Staff, IFE Instructor, BCFE Staff, IFI InstructorYes
Gene ShantzDirector of CommunicationsCEECS, CFCE, BCERT, GCFA

Gene Shantz is currently employed with IBM Emergency Response Services as a Senior Emergency Response Analyst. Gene worked in law enforcement for 11 plus years and concluded his law enforcement career as a Detective Sergeant with the Flagstaff Police Department in Arizona. In 2007 Gene was selected to attend the IACIS BCFE course in Florida and achieved the coveted CFCE in early 2008. When Gene attended the IACIS BCFE Course, he was so impressed that the IACIS organization was made up entirely of volunteer staff, geared toward training law enforcement around the world, that he knew he had to be part of it. 

In 2008 Gene became a CFCE coach, and in 2009 he was asked to serve on the Communications Committee. In August of 2009 Gene was selected as staff for the 2010 training event in Florida, and, as such, Gene developed and modified the student material and instructed several courses and has continued to serve IACIS as training staff ever since. In October 2011 Gene was asked to chair a new Quality Assurance Committee under the Director of Standards. In the course of one year, the committee was created and played a key role in reviewing all student material prior to the 2012 training event, as well as reviewing new problem sets for the peer review process among other things.

In 2012 Gene was asked to chair the Windows Forensic Examiner advanced class, which he continues to serve. In addition to training through IACIS Gene has received training from the US Secret Service, NW3C (National White Collar Crime Center), Guidance Software, ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) and the Cisco Network Academy​.

gene.shantz@iacis.comBoard Member, Featured Staff, WFE Instructor, BCFE StaffYes
Troy LawrenceDirector of TrainingCEECS, CFCE, BBA

Troy Lawrence is a twenty-seven year veteran of the Fort Worth Police Department and is currently a sergeant assigned to the Digital Forensic Lab. Troy began his forensic career in 2000 and attended the 2001 IACIS® conference in Orlando. He received his CFCE on September 13, 2001.

Troy began coaching IACIS® students and was selected to serve as the Regional Manager for the Lower Central US in 2004. He served as Regional Manager until 2007 when he was asked to serve as the Chairman of the Recertification Committee. Troy transitioned the IACIS® Proficiency Test administration away from Marshall University and back into the hands of IACIS® members.

Troy served on staff at the 2004 - 2006 and 2009 - 2015 US training events. He served on staff for the 2008 - 2015 Germany and Croatia training events. He attended the 2007 and 2008 US specialized training events in Orlando.

Troy is a member for the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE) and is a past president of his local HTCIA chapter. Troy serves as a subject matter expert in various classes for the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) and has served as a part-time instructor for various forensic training programs.​

troy.lawrence@iacis.comBoard Member, Featured Staff, Training Committee Member, Lab Manager InstructorYesAbout-volunteers
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Bill%20Capps.jpgSecretaryCFCE, CEECS, ACE

Bill has been a member of IACIS since attending the Basic Class in 2004 while the Sr. Forensic Analyst of the Digital Evidence Unit of the Charleston (SC) Police Department, obtaining his CFCE in 2005.  While in that capacity he was instrumental in the lab being the 3rd ever to obtain the ASCLD-LAB ISO Accreditation.   He retired from CPD after 35 years in law enforcement and now works as a consultant in forensic and internet matters. 

Bill is the Secretary and has remained active in IACIS by serving on staff for the BCFE Training Events from 2008 until this year.  He has also represented IACIS on behalf of the Marketing Committee at many Techno Training Conferences and currently is a member of the Ethics Committee. 

Bill.Capps@IACIS.ComBoard Member, Featured StaffYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Bart OOM.jpgIFI - ChairmanCFCE

 Bart Ooms started his career with the police forces in 1994. After working several years on the field he worked from 1996 until 1998 on child abuse cases in Belgium. 

In 1998 he moved on to investigate financial crimes and money laundering cases. 

In 2003 Bart Ooms​ was able to move to the Federal Computer Crime Unit, working at the section Internet Investigations. He followed several courses regarding internet investigations and forensics and has been a teacher for Belgian police forces in this domain since 2005.

In 2005 Bart Ooms started an evening course to obtain a bachelor in Computer informatics in Belgium. He graduated in 2008.

In December 2005, Bart Ooms became a member of the COSPOL - CIRCAMP group. This group is followed by Europol and Interpol and several European Countries. The main item in the action plan of this group is to prevent the access to websites containing child abusive images. The action plan is focused on the battle against the distribution of child abusive images by using other technologies like Peer to Peer, IRC, and Newsgroups etc…. Belgium was the driver of this action plan from 2010 until 2013.

Bart Ooms followed the basic course from the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) in December 2007 in Germany and obtained his certification as a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE). He was an instructor for IACIS at the Germany Basic Conference in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and the US Basic Conference in 2010. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 he was a teacher for the IACIS "Internet Forensic Investigator" class in the US and he became the Chairman for this class. 

In June and July 2010, in 2011 and 2012 Bart Ooms also instructed at the Germany Advanced Internet Forensics and Investigations course (IFI).​

Featured Staff, Training Committee Member, IFE Instructor, IFI InstructorYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Mark%20Baker.jpgTraining Manager - Specialized CoursesCFCE
Mark Baker is currently a criminal investigator for Northern York County Regional Police Department in Dover Pennsylvania.  The department covers eight municipalities, approximately 176 square miles and approximately 80,000 people.  He is currently the only examiner doing digital forensics for the jurisdiction and have been doing so since 2008.  Mark also serves as a Task Force Officer with the Federal Bureau of Investigation assigned to the Harrisburg Child Exploitation Task Force and prior to his employment in Dover Pennsylvania, Mark was a police officer for the City of Philadelphia working in high crime areas. 

Mark completed the Basic Computer Forensic Examiner (BCFE) class in 2008 and obtained his CFCE in 2009.  Since then, he has recertified twice in 2012 and 2015.  In addition to the completion of numerous classes through the National White Collar Crime Commission, Mark has taken classes with SANS and other vender specific training.  He has held positions within IACIS to include BCFE instructor, ACF Chairman, Unified Practical Chairman and Peer Review Coach.

Since completing the Basic Computer Forensic Examiner (BCFE) class in 2008, Mark has examined numerous types of digital evidence from computers to cell phones.  The investigations have ranged from homicides to harassment and each had varying degrees of complexity. ​​

mark.baker@iacis.comFeatured Staff, Training Committee Member, BCFE Staff, ACF InstructorYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Mark McCoy 139x194.jpgMDFL - ChairmanCFCE

Dr. Mark R. McCoy is an Associate Professor at the University of Central Oklahoma Forensic Science Institute where he is the Administrator of the Digital Evidence and Cyber Security Program. In 2012 he was selected as a Fulbright Scholar in Information Technology. He recently retired after 20 years of service with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation where he was the first supervisor of the OSBI Computer Crime Unit. He has been Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) since 1999, has conducted and supervised the forensic examination of digital evidence and has testified as an expert witness in state and federal court. Dr. McCoy was a member of the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE), President of the Oklahoma chapter of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), and is a member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS). His research interests include digital forensics, computer crime, the application of technology in law enforcement and law enforcement education and training.  ​

Featured Staff, Training Committee Member, IFE Instructor, Lab Manager Instructor, IFI InstructorYes
BCFE Team Lead - Window ArtifactsCFCE, EnCE

Matt is a Forensic Analyst with the New Zealand Police Electronic Crime Group, based in Dunedin.  He has been involved with the electronic and computing industries as an engineer, analyst and investigator for the last 18 years.

Matt trained as an electrical and electronic engineer through the Royal New Zealand Air Force, where he served eight years and completed a tour of duty in East Timor.  His specialty was deployed data networks utilizing satellite and radio transmission systems.

In 2001, Matt joined the New Zealand Police and began conducting computer forensic investigations.  He has attended and presented formal training in the areas of electronic security, electronic countermeasures, network security, forensic computing and electronic evidence gathering in New Zealand and Internationally.  

Matt holds international forensic qualifications from Guidance Software (EnCase Certified Examiner) and from the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (Certified Forensic Computer Examiner).​

Matt's current role requires him to investigate criminal activity that involves stand-alone, networked and virtual computer systems. This not only includes computer technology but also telephone systems, security systems and any other electronic device which may contain information relevant to criminal activity. Matt has provided expert witness testimony pertaining to forensic computing issues and electronic evidence in District and High Court proceedings in New Zealand.

Featured Staff, Training Committee Member, BCFE StaffYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Mike Anderson 139x194.jpgTraining Manager - BCFECFCE
Special Agent Anderson started in public safety in 1989 as a 9-1-1 dispatcher in Klamath County.  In 1990 he became a reserve Police Officer for the Klamath Falls Police Department and was hired by them as a full time officer in 1994.  Mike spent the first few years assigned to the Patrol Division, before being assigned to Detectives in 1998.  He was initially assigned investigation into white-collar crimes and arsons.

In 2002, after being tasked with administering the department's computer network and records management system, he began his interest in computer forensics.  In 2004 he attended the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialist (IACIS) basic forensic conference and at the conclusion of the training and testing, he received his certification as a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE).

In 2013, SA Anderson was hired by the Central Point Police Department, where he was assigned to the Southern Oregon High Tech Crime Task Force.  He was assigned as the operations manager, handling the day-to-day operations of the task force.  

 In 2015, SA Anderson was hired by the Oregon Department of Justice, Criminal Division, and was assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.
During his career, SA Anderson has been assigned to the Klamath County Major Crime Team, Klamath Falls Interagency SWAT Team, Klamath County Incident Management Team (Type III), Oregon State Fire Marshall's Office Incident Management Team (Type II), and the Region Five Training Council.  SA Anderson has also been a firearms instructor, Taser instructor, and is currently the Training Manager for the IACIS Basic Certification program.

...and people like me.
training@iacis.comFeatured Staff, Course Instructor, Training Committee Member, BCFE StaffYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Randy%20Stone%20139x194.jpgCIFR - ChairmanCFCE, EnCE, Security+, Mile2 C)PTS
As a Consultant for corporate Incident Response, Randy has had the opportunity to apply his forensic and security skills in the corporate environment for clients of Dell SecureWorks and IBM. Randy's broad background in investigative techniques has helped him successfully complete difficult analysis in numerous engagements worldwide including intrusions, malware infections, SQL Injection and employee misconduct.  In addition to his previous work as an Principal and Consultant, Randy functions as an Delivery Manager with Dell SecureWorks, investigating and supervising intrusion and malware investigations worldwide.

Prior to his current work of corporate Incident Response, Randy was a police officer with the Wichita (Kansas) Police Department for 23 years, 12 of which were spent as a Detective in computer forensics and computer crime investigations. Randy was an original member of the Forensic Computer Crime Unit (FCCU) and designed the original team structure and mission. During his law enforcement career, he conducted computer forensic examinations for hundreds of cases including capital murder, the BTK serial killer, child exploitation, cyber stalking, financial crimes and numerous other cases. Several of Randy's cases were upheld by the Kansas Supreme Court. He has received awards from the FBI and the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) for his computer forensic investigations and has testified in Federal and State courts as a fact and expert witness.

Featured Staff, Training Committee Member, BCFE Staff, NFA Instructor, CIRF InstructorYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Alan%20Thomas.JPGBCFE Team Lead - Windows File SystemsCFCE
Alan Thomas spent 30 years as a police officer with the Metropolitan Police in London retiring as a Detective Sergeant in 2008.

Alan spent the last three and a half years of police service running the Hi-Tech unit of the Anti-Terrorist Brach (SO13).  This was the busiest period in the history of the branch and included the London bombing during the summer of 2005, the ‘airline’ plot and Younis Tsouli (Terrorist 007).

Prior to this Alan started the Hi-Tech Unit at the Anti-Corruption Command at New Scotland Yard investigating serious internal corruption.  Alan originally joined this command as a financial investigator but moved into forensic computing in 1998.

Alan attended IACIS CFCE course in 1999 and was the first CFCE in UK.  Alan also holds a Guidance Software EnCE certification.

In 2008 Alan retired from the police and was recruited by Vodafone, the largest mobile telephone company in the world.  Alan is currently an investigator within the Group Company with a remit covering twenty five of our operating companies around the globe.

Featured Staff, Training Committee Member, BCFE Staff, MDF InstructorYes
WFE InstructorCFCE
Rob Attoe is a Director within the training department at Cellebrite, where he leads the training departments business development and delivery of course content across all disciplines, ensuring the curriculum and delivery concepts are of the highest standards within the industry as well production of customized courses tailored for mobile forensic practitioners globally.  Attoe also leads the research in to forensic artefacts found on various operating systems and regularly presents finding are large conferences globally. Previously as SVP of Global Training at Nuix and Director of Training at AccessData, Attoe has over a decade of experience developing Digital Forensics and Decryption training programs for the global digital investigations community. 

In the past, Attoe has held positions as a Computer Crime Specialist II with the National White Collar Crime Centre, where his primary focus was the research and development of a file system analysis and automated forensic tool curriculum, and with the Kent Police as a Forensic Computer Analyst. 

As a certified member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS), Attoe has instructed at the association's annual conference, as well as regularly presenting at the premier international digital forensics conferences and events such as High Technology Crime Investigation Association, Department of Defence Cyber Crime, F3 Annual Conference and Internet Crimes against Children taskforce. Attoe has authored and taught many digital forensic courses globally as well as co-authoring a course for The National Hi-Tech Crime Unit in the United Kingdom and advanced courses for IACIS.

Featured Staff, WFE InstructorYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Steve%20Whalen.jpgMac Forensic TrainerCFCE
Featured Staff, MAC InstructorYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/eddie-gereke-139x194.jpgSharepoint Admin / WebAdminMSc, CFCE, EnCE, ACE

​​​Eddie is ​a Forensic ICT Specialist ​with the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) in the Netherlands.​ He is doing this job since 2009. Before that he worked for 9 years with the Dutch Tax Office ​as a ICT Specialist.

​​Eddie finished his ICT Bachelor in 2009 in Utrecht in the Netherlands.

He followed the BCFE course in 2011 (Germany) and got his CFCE in 2012.​

In 2015 he finished his Master Degree in Forensic Computing​​ & Cybercrime Investigation​​ at the University of Dublin.

He was an instructor for the BCFE course in Orlando and Zagreb in 2014 and was an instructor for the IFE course in Germany 2012 and Zagreb 2014. ​He has a big interest a for all Internet related topics.

Since 2014 he is the Sharepoint Admin for the IACIS website.​

e.gereke@egdesign.nlFeatured Staff, IFE Instructor, IFI InstructorYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Scott%20Pancoast%20139x194.jpgTreasurerCEECS, CFCE, NET+, A+

Since 2003, Scott has been a Computer Crime Specialist with the National White Collar Crime Center. In that position, Scott has been actively involved in establishing, creating and updating much of the content in the computer forensic courses available through the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).  The creation of the content involved extensive research, and testing of the content of the classes, in many forensic and technical disciplines.

 Prior to his tenure at the NW3C, Scott was an investigator for the Washington State Office of the Attorney General, in the Criminal Division, and the Consumer Protection Division. In that capacity, he was the Computer Forensic examiner for the Washington State Office of the Attorney General.  His duties included seizing and examining electronic evidence, conducting investigations into high tech thefts and frauds, providing technical assistance to other state and local law enforcement agencies, and providing technical expertise in the drafting of laws that were presented to the Washington State legislature.

 Scott was a Tax Auditor for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (DLI), before beginning his career as a criminal investigator. During his time as a DLI Tax Auditor, Scott created the prototype of the computerize field auditing program now in use by the DLI. Along with the development of the prototype program, Scott was responsible for creating and implementing the policies and procedures for the programs use.

 Scott completed his IACIS certification in 1996.  In 1999 he earned the Novell and Windows NT Network and Forensics Seizure and Examination of Linux Operating System certifications from IACIS. In May 2006, he completed the LINUX Forensic Course offered by the California Department of Justice.  Scott earned his CPA in 1987, retiring his CPA certification in 2003. He has NET+ and A+ certifications as well.

 Scott began working as a coach for the IACIS certification program in 1997. In the 18 years Scott has been part of the certification process, he has coached many fledgling forensic examiners, helped create certification problems, certification test reviewer and served as a test examine​r.  Scott has been a speaker at many conferences, including conference sponsored by ICAC, HTCIA, DCC, NAAG, NASAA, NPFTF and others. Scott is currently on the steering committee for NIST's Computer Forensic Tool Testing Program. ​

Scott.Pancoast@iacis.comBoard Member, Featured Staff, IFE Instructor, BCFE Staff, IFI InstructorYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Bruce%20Ellis%20139x194.jpgACF - ChairmanCFCE

​Bruce Ellis has been with the New Zealand Customs Service since 1990 and is one of four Electronic Forensic Investigators servicing the needs of the Customs Service nationwide.  Bruce completed his CFCE in 2004 and is the Regional Manager Pacific RIM helping candidates progress through their CFCE peer review process.  Bruce has been on the development team for the ACF course since its inception and is now the lead instructor having delivered the course in New Zealand, USA and Croatia.  Bruce likes the idea of comparing different tool​​s against each other as not one tool leads them all.​

bruce.ellis@iacis.comFeatured Staff, Training Committee Member, BCFE Staff, ACF InstructorYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Luke%20Robinson%20139x194.jpgWFE - ChairmanCFCE

​​Luke is the Regional Manager of the New Zealand Police Southern Digital Forensic Unit (DFU).  The DFU is responsible for carrying out digital forensic examinations on all types of electronic devices capable of storing data.  They assist police in investigations from across the South Island of New Zealand.

He attended a number of digital forensic courses and delivered training at a number of events in both New Zealand and Internationally.  He has a bachelor degree in computer science and biochemistry from the University of Otago. Luke completed his CFCE in 2011 and has been involved as a coach helping candidates through the CFCE process, developing material for IACIS and is now the chair of the Windows Forensic Examiner course.​

Featured Staff, Training Committee Member, WFE InstructorYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Ed%20Michaels-2.jpgMDF - Chairman
Featured Staff, Training Committee Member, BCFE Staff, MDF InstructorYes

Thomas E. Rowan is the Director of the Information Technology Forensics Section of a major private investigations firm operating along the eastern seaboard of the United States. He recently retired after 35 years of service with the Cheektowaga NY Police Department where he was the Commanding Officer of the Investigative Division. He was the founder and supervisor of the Scientific Investigation Unit where he is credited with the first use of DNA evidence in NY State Supreme Court and gave expert testimony in the foundation case for judicial notice of the scientific validity of DNA evidence in NY.

He subsequently introduced the science of digital forensics to his agency and became its first computer forensics examiner. He is a member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) and has been a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) since 2009. He currently serves IACIS as a staff instructor, peer review coach, contributing author and Quality Assurance reviewer. He is a graduate of Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA and the FBI National Academy, Quantico, VA.

 His educational pursuits include service as an associate adjunct professor of forensic science, State University of New York at Buffalo, an associate adjunct professor of forensic science, Buffalo State College and a foundation member of the Forensic Science Advisory Board of Edinboro University, PA.​​​

Featured Staff, BCFE StaffYes
Audio / Video TechLifetime member
Featured Staff, BCFE StaffYes
CFCE Recertification ChairmanCFCE
Featured Staff, Non-training StaffYes
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Audio / Video TechCFCE
Featured Staff, BCFE StaffYes
Featured Staff, BCFE StaffYes
Featured Staff, BCFE StaffYes
https://iacis1-public.sharepoint.com/Lists/Photos/Walt%20Gretch.JPGIFI Trainer/BCFE TrainerCFCE
Featured Staff, IFE Instructor, IFI InstructorYes
Featured Staff, Course Instructor, BCFE StaffYes
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