Charles “Chuck” Donley


Served as a Military Policeman in the United States Army for three years receiving an honorable discharge. Served as a sworn officer in the West Virginia State police for 27.5 years achieving the rank of first lieutenant. The last 6 years of my state police career, I served in the Bureau of Criminal Investigations as the Intelligence Officer, Missing Children/Adult Clearing house coordinator as well as the Computers Systems officer. As the Computers Systems officer I was responsible for the administration of 4 novel servers, 1 windows NT back office server, 1 windows 2000 server and 1 MS SQL server used for the intelligence database as well as supporting approximately 50 users. While serving as the intelligence officer I normalized the intelligence TEAM Up database as well as exporting the data into a new MS SQL server database, I developed the website for intelligence submissions by WV law enforcement officers. I also developed and coded the user interface used by the West Virginia Intelligence exchange officers. I helped research policies and procedures for the development of a WV State Police Computer Forensics Section.

In 2006 I started my employment with the West Virginia Insurance Commission Fraud Investigation Unit, where I was responsible for starting, maintaining and manning the Computer Forensics section. I am currently employed conducting computer forensics examinations with this unit.

Attended the IACIS BCFE in 2007 achieving the CFCE in 2008. Served as a mentor (coach), served on the problem development committee, served briefly as the research and development chairman, served at several BCFE training events as a row coach. Served for the past several years as a MODDLE/TOTARA administrator, as well as the Problem Development Chairman Responsible for the development of the CFCE peer review problems, the CFCE practical, the CFCE recertification practical as well as the general knowledge questions used in the initial CFCE and recertification exams. I am currently serving as the Director of Certification