Training Staff

The members featured below are representative of the dedicated cadre of volunteers who make up the Training Committee.  Members of the Training Committee take time out of their busy lives and work tirelessly to develop and present course material at organizational training events.  Many of the Training Committee members willingly sacrifice their own time to provide their expertise and services to the organization and its membership. 

Ed Michaels

MDF Chairman Instructor

Bart Ooms

IFI Chairman Instructor

Bart Ooms started his career with the police forces in 1994. After working several years on the field he worked from 1996 until 1998 on child abuse cases in Belgium. In 1998 he moved on to investigate financial crimes and money laundering cases. In 2003 Bart Ooms​ was able to move to the Federal Computer Read More »

Mark Baker

Training Manager - Specialized Courses Instructor

Mark Baker is currently a criminal investigator for Northern York County Regional Police Department in Dover Pennsylvania. The department covers eight municipalities, approximately 176 square miles and approximately 80,000 people. He is currently the only examiner doing digital forensics for the jurisdiction and have been doing so since 2008. Mark also serves as a Task Read More »

Randy Stone

CIFR - Chairman Instructor
CFCE, EnCE, Security+, Mile2, CPTS

As a Consultant for corporate Incident Response, Randy has had the opportunity to apply his forensic and security skills in the corporate environment for clients of Dell SecureWorks and IBM. Randy's broad background in investigative techniques has helped him successfully complete difficult analysis in numerous engagements worldwide including intrusions, malware infections, SQL Injection and employee Read More »

Kelly Knight


Kelly is currently serving as a Supervisor with the South Island Electronic Crime Lab and has been a member of New Zealand Police for 18 years.  During this time she has held roles in investigations, training and most recently e-Crime. Currently Kelly is the Supervisor of the South Island Electronic Crime Laboratory (ECL), based in Dunedin. Read More »