Dewey Watkins

IACIS history
I joined IACIS in 1997 and attended the 1997 and 1998 Orlando Training Conferences, and IACIS first Advanced Training in 1999 in Orlando, Florida.  Served as an Orlando training coach and Road Boss 2000 – 2010.  Served on the Board of Directors to include serving as the Vice President and Director of Ethics, 2001 – 2010.  Served as training staff at the first IACIS overseas training conference in Bad Homburg, Germany, in October 2005.

LE history
I was a sworn police officer and detective with the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC, April 1983 – November 2010.

IACIS comments
I greatly appreciated the training provided by IACIS when attending the 1997 Orlando Training Conference, and could not wait to give back to IACIS beginning with getting up every morning as a 1998 conference student just to volunteer helping the IACIS training staff setting up the computers every morning for the daily classes.  This continued when attending the 1999 training conference, until actually coming back in 2000 as IACIS staff.

Where are you now?
I am now retired from sworn law enforcement and serving in IACIS, but still very active on the IACIS listserv and working as a contracted computer forensic analyst.