Thomas Reinert

IACIS history
I was a student in the 2003 BCFE class held in Orlando and obtained my CFCE certification in July 2004. My first year on staff was in 2005 as a row coach in the BCFE class. Since then, I have held positions as a CFCE coach,  Regional Manager for Europe, Division Administrator for Europe/UK/PacificRim and currently serve as the CFCE Peer Review Chairman. Additionally, I have been involved in various BCFE classes held in Orlando and Germany as a row coach and trainer.
I am very honored to have been awarded the Lifetime Membership by the Board of Directors at the Membership Meeting in May 2023.

LE history
Since 1987 employed by the German Federal Police

IACIS comments
As stated on our website,
IACIS is dedicated to the training and certification of the digital forensics community in support of its membership.
After being involved for over two decades with IACIS, I can honestly say IACIS is much, much more.
IACIS has been and is still an important part of my life. This organization offered me opportunities that others often only dream about.
I have had the privilege to meet professionals from all over the globe.
Besides the technical side of the organization, it’s the organization itself.
IACIS is one big family and is always there for you, if needed, and not just for the technical problems.
I‘m very proud and thankful for the friendships I have made over the years.
As long as I can, I will support this great organization.

Where are you now ?
I‘m in my 36th year of my law enforcement career and reside with my family in Southwest Germany.
In my spare time, I enjoy time with my family, gardening, hiking and volunteering my time to IACIS.