Vern Meighen

I attended the first IACIS class in Portland, Oregon in January 1991. It was a two-week class with 50 students. Many of the instructors were engineers and software experts from Microsoft, Norton and other computer-related companies. Much of the class, which included Disk Operating Systems (DOS) and CFCE certification, was difficult to comprehend as the technology was very new at that time. Like the current IACIS class, we had to complete a series of problems within three months after the completing the two-week instruction to be fully certified. As I recall, I received my full CFCE certification in April 1991.

I was appointed Treasurer of IACIS in 1992 and held the position of Treasurer until 2005.

In 1996 I was one of six IACIS members who traveled to Hong Kong and taught DOS and CFCE certification classes to 24 members of the Royal Hong Kong Police. I also had the opportunity to teach many classes in the United States.

IACIS was and still is like a big family. In the early years almost all of the members lived and worked in the US and most of us lived on the West Coast, making it easy for us to communicate regularly. We did not have the ability to text or email, so telephone (landline) and the US Mail were our main modes of communication.

1968 – 1997 Detective, Salem Police Department (Oregon)
Assigned to Homicide and Computer Forensics detail.
In the early 90’s I processed seized computers from Salem, Oregon south to the California boarder.

When I retired, we bought a motor coach and traveled around the US settling in Yuma, Arizona. For the next 21 years, we golfed and relaxed in the Arizona sun during the winter months and returned to Oregon for the summers. We have also made several trips to Hawaii. Now my wife (Phyllis) of 60 years and I are passing the time closer to home near the family.