Rob Attoe

IACIS history:
I joined IACIS in 2003 and served in many capacities such as: WFE chair, OSINT chair, Applied Scripting Foundations chair and currently the First Responders Course Chair.  I have taught various courses beyond the list above and contributed to discussions for major European contract submissions.  In addition, I am contributing to the instructor developer program, shaping the future of our trainers delivery techniques.

LE history:
Forensic Computer Specialist at Kent County Constabulary – 1999 

IACIS comments:
I really cherish the way IACIS members always have each other’s backs, no matter where they come from or which agency they belong to.

Where are you now:
After 15 years of crafting and imparting DFIR training for software vendors, I initiated Spyder Forensics. It stands as a specialized digital forensics training organization offering courses worldwide, all while upholding principles that match the IACIS mission. I remain engaged in both ongoing research and the delivery of training, concurrently overseeing the entire Spyder team.